Written by: Aleksander Krimsky |
SimCopterX Languages: x86 MASM32, C++

SimCopterX is a game patcher which rewrites assembly instructions for various game functions. The purpose of this project is preserve the original game, while having optional game enhancements. Prior to this project the only available options were a virtual machine or CPU killer. For more information on how I made this program, check out the Disassembly section.

Basic Help

Only specific versions of the gameare supported, go to the Downloads page and look for supported versions. Extract your CD-ROM contents to a location on your hard drive. When you run SimCopterX (standalone, no installation), select "Patch Game" to run the initial one-time patch. You will be asked to select your game's exe location, if successful SimCopterX will detect the exact version of your game and keep a backup of the original in *:\Program Files (x86)\SimCopterX. I highly recommend keeping the "Verify Install" checkbox selected, this will copy glide.dll and sst1init.dll to your local drive's System folder. Normally this would happen with a real installation of the game.

Known Issues

-On non-original resolutions (resolutions > 640x480) the game sometimes crashes. Seems like the 1996 version struggles with this the most (under investigation).