Welcome to SimCopterX

This is an alert from central dispatch - you're cleared for takeoff on Windows 10. With the SimCopterX patcher, you can patch your game to work natively on Windows 7+ (and probably even earlier). You no longer need to use a virtual machine or CPU Killer, just nerves of steel. Additionally the patcher has optional higher-resolutions modes to choose from including 16:9 and 16:10 aspect ratios so you can fill up your screen; you'll feel like you're actually up in the sky saving shipwrecked Sims.

14 August 2019
No more riot bugs! Well, technically this was possible by running Version 1.1SC - however it had a hard time rendering past 640x480. SimCopterX now supports Version 1.02 patch, which despite the name was released later than 1.1SC but before Classics - a very confusing versioning/numbering system. To help keep track of the "real versions", I recreated the same functions that the game uses to determine what "real version" (Windows file version) you are using. Hopefully this is also useful for people who have a copy of the game executable with no idea what version it is.

07 July 2019
Windowed mode is now fully patched! You should no longer (or at most very rarely) have color issues while in windowed mode, and you won't be forced into fullscreen mode even though you selected windowed. Additionally the "Verify Install" option had a large overhaul. The required dlls are now installed local to your game directory which ensures that they are being loaded, and the added bonus of the launcher not touching the System directory. Playing the game in windowed mode makes the game more accessible and enjoyable for those who like switching between multi-monitor setups.

31 May 2019
The source for SimCopterX is now released on GitHub, and I finished writing the the Disassembly page (which has a link at the top to the source code). Additionally I've been addressing some concerns with many false-positives of malware for both my website and downloads by contacting various antivirus vendors along with Microsoft. They've been very receptive and Windows Defender now supports the SimCopterX releases (up to Version 3 at least). Sorry for any inconvenience, hopefully by posting the source code you can feel a bit safer. Happy flying fellow pilots!

26 May 2019
SimCopterX Version 3 Released. Okay well this is kind of embarassing. I had wrote a patch for a function in SimCopter that I was entirely sure what it fixed - come to find out it affects the menu placement of the flaps (such as the megaphone). This is now fixed, all I had to do was un-comment a single line of code. Huge thanks to LGR for his kind words on Twitter. Hopefully I can keep improving on SimCopterX and eventually move on to Streets of SimCity - but be mindful that this work is a grueling process and takes many months to complete. Thanks again for all the support!

23 May 2019
Although I loved using the original Maxis layout from 1998, it was really messy and hard to read on modern displays. This new design is something I wrote myself and is mobile friendly, also it looks pretty darn snazzy! Some parts may still be under construction over the next week.

20 May 2019
SimCopterX now supports multiple versions of SimCopter, Version 1.1 (1996) and Classics (1998). This required a large overhaul to the patching system, so instead of patch files everything must now be built into the launcher itself. This does have its benefits, namely patching additional versions will be easier. Also I loosened the rules on the file directory/structure required for the game's file location.

19 April 2019
SimCopterX has been released! Main features include a game speed limiter to prevent crashes and options to select between 4 different resolutions (including the original). The next features planned mainly revolve around the problems with windowed mode, and potentially adding in a borderless windowed mode. These things take a lot of time and work, but I'll be working hard to release them. Join the Discord for more updates!